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At M19 Lab, we're assisting various Chemical manufacturers to ensure high quality products by providing access to advanced Chemical testing products & services.

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At M19, we understand that Chemical manufacturers are facing increasingly complex issues from increasing regulatory compliances, performance sustainability & profits. We help you to meet these challenges by deploying our custom-designed Chemical Lab Products.
Our Products
Surface Area Analyzer
Surface Area Analyzer, also known as a Gas Adsorption Analyzer or BET Analyzer, is a sophisticated instrument used to measure the specific Surface Area of solid materials. It is based on the principles of Gas Adsorption, specifically the Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) theory. Surface Area Analysis is essential in various scientific and industrial applications, including catalyst characterization, pharmaceutical development, and materials research.
ISO 9277
Density/Porosity Analyzer
The novel Density Analyzer also known as Helium-Pycnometer provides users with real time data of true Density of specimens. It works on the Principle of Gas expansion based on Boyle’s Law of Isothermal Process. The actual volume of the sample is evaluated which further is then used to calculate Density.
ASTM B923-10, ASTM C110-15
Micropore Analyzer
The Micropore Analyzer device stands out as a Cutting-edge Pore Size Analyzer, offering remarkable capabilities. Its advanced technology relies on both Liquid Displacement and Capillary Flow Porometry, making it highly efficient in characterizing the Pore Sizes of various fabrics such as woven, non-woven, spunbond and meltblown media. The device is specifically tailored for Microporous Media, making it an ideal choice for evaluating the performance of a wide range of Textile Products and providing accurate and detailed insights into the Fabric's Pore Structure.
ASTM F316, ASTM D6767
Chemical Powders
The dry Chemical Powder is a Chemical Agent that is used for fire fighting purposes. These are specially formulated Chemical Agents that are used to put off the fire. These are multi-class fire extinguishing Chemical Powders that are used in a variety of industries.
The characterization of Solid Chunks is an important step in understanding their properties and behavior, which is critical for their processing, handling, and use in the Chemical Industry. Some of the methods include Density and Porosity Analysis, Crystallography using XRD (X-Ray Diffraction).
Sintered Metal Filters
Sintered Metal Filters are made by sintering Metal Powder into a porous structure with controlled Pore Sizes and distribution. Their characterization is quite crucial for Filtration Efficiency. Some common methods include Pore Size Distribution, Selective Permeability, and Bubble Point Test.
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